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Things you should know about us?

Kevin Archer picture by Kevin Archer·Updated 06 May 2022

2Stable is a starting company of 4 members, located in Andorra, a small team with big ambitions and energy to provide solutions to day-to-day problems.

We have more than 10 years of experience in developing & creating tech products. Our slogan is very simple: Create easy, gorgeous, and secure or don’t create anything. This is our philosophy and we try to transmit this idea with every line of code we write. We take very seriously every project with maximum dedication and attention to detail, we think this is what makes us different from the rest.

Why we have chosen a subscription model instead of a one-time payment?

We decided to go with a freemium subscription because it motivates us to continually maintain and improve the project. For what are you paying for? You are paying to support a starting company of 4 members. You can be sure that Authenticator by 2Stable is focused on values, not on maximizing profit that’s why the annual fee doesn’t surpass a good cup of coffee. Charging a subscription is the only way we make money, and it helps us continue working and improving the project. We come to a conclusion based on our personal experience in mobile development, that the main problem of one-time payment products is that, early or late they are facing a lack of support and maintenance. This occurs in most cases because the developers lose the motivation to continue work on the project and just leave it there in App Store, and our intentions from the start were to revolutionize the two-factor authentication market.

If you have some suggestions you can always send us an email at support@2stable.com, we take into consideration every email we receive.

  • Published:

    30 Apr 2022
  • Updated:

    06 May 2022